riding horses

We have a lot of well-trained horses for the riding tours and shorter rides, most of the younger ones are bred on Lýsuhóll. They are very friendly and willing to go, tölt well and have a lot of stamina. They make every ride a great experience for our guests.

You can get to know a few of them here.

In the picture gallery you will find a lot more photos of them.

breeding horses

Lýsuhóll has been a stud farm for many years. It is our aim to breed horses with a good, friendly nature, ranging from family to competition horses. Apart from our own two stallions we use a lot of well-known Icelandic stallions in order to gain great variety in our horses.

See our stallions, mares and our foals 2009.

There are twins on Lýsuhóll! Find out more in the picture gallery.