Here's some more information you might need:

What to bring

Summer in Iceland means very changeable weather with temperatures ranging from 5°C to 25°C. You should bring warm wind- and waterproof clothing as well as lighter clothes for warmer days. Warm underwear, gloves, a scarf and of course your riding trousers are as important as a bathing suit and sun glasses! As we cross rivers and ride along the sea, rubber (riding) boots are recommended.

We provide rain gear and helmets free of charge.

Please note that used riding gear and boots/shoes have to be disinfected prior to arrival in Iceland. Due to the isolation on this island our horses are not immune to many imported diseases. Used leather equipment like boots, bridles, saddles etc. may not be brought into the country. Please help us to protect our horses!

Riding ability

We spend up to 6 hours on horseback per day, riding over various kinds of landscapes, crossing rivers and rocks. We recommend that participants have a solid riding experience and are in good health. Our horses are very reliable and have an especially good character. They are very friendly, enduring and willing to please. They will make this tour a very special Icelandic experience for you!

How to get to Iceland

Flights to Iceland can be booked at every travel agency. We'll pick you up in Reykjavík. If you plan a longer stay in Iceland we can also arrange further accommodation for you.


We strongly recommend participants to have medical and travel insurance.