The Mares

Orka frá Lýsuhóli (*1993)

sire: Kliður frá Ytra-Vallholti
dam: Lýsa frá Lýsuhóli

Orka is a very pretty palomino mare. She had a son of Smári frá Skagaströnd in summer 2004. He is our very promising stallion Kraftur who, as a four-year-old, was awarded a 9 for tölt in spring 2008.


Sameign frá Lýsuhóli (*1999)

sire: Nökkvi frá Vestra-Geldingaholti
dam: Þota frá Mýrum

This beautiful chestnut mare is the mother of our stallion Þrymur, son of famous Þóroddur frá Þóroddstöðum. As two of her brothers are Agnar's favourite riding horses and a sister is very promising, too, we expect great offspring from her.

Sóldís frá Lýsuhóli (*2000)

sire: Soldán frá Bjarnarhöfn
dam: Lýsa frá Lýsuhóli

Sóldís is Orka's sister and has very extensive and smooth gaits as well as a friendly character and a lot of stamina. We are very excited about using her as a breeding mare.



Stjarna frá Stangarholti (*1986)

sire: Brúnblesi frá Hoftúnum
dam: Báru-Jörp frá Skarði

Stjarna's offspring is characterized by an extremely kind nature and good, soft tölt. Three of her daughters can be enjoyed in the longer riding tours: Nös, Venus and Spurning are many guests' favourites. Some more will be trained soon and already show a lot of tölt.
She had a cute little buckskin filly from Sveppur in June 2004.

Stjarna und Perla Perla

Stjarna and Perla, June 2004

Perla in December 2004