Of course the horses are in the centre of attention on Lýsuhóll. Here are some of the horses who are used for our shorter trips and riding tours:

Nös frá Lýsuhóli
* 1992

Nös shows as much temperament as tölt. She is very strong and will take you comfortably over long distances. A daughter of our breeding mare Stjarna and Gumi frá Laugarvatni, she is the big sister of Venus and Spurning.

Venus frá Lýsuhóli
* 1997

Venus is a daughter of our stallion Tímon and like all his children she is very friendly. You will always find her next to her little sister Spurning.


Spurning frá Lýsuhóli
* 1998

Spurning means "question", but it's not a question: she's the ideal trekking-horse: very comfortable, easy to ride and always willing to go.


Borgar frá Lýsuhóli

Borgar is pure friendliness. He does everything to please his rider - a little darling.


Bogga frá Ásgarði

Bogga is like a sofa: comfortable in every gait. Sometimes a little moody, but when she's happy, she's open for everything and will do her best. Out in the fields you can find her wherever Stalla-Jón is.




Drift frá Lýsuhóli

Even if she sometimes hides her tölt (she does have it - but shows it only when she thinks it's time...), she is the perfect horse for longer tours: willing to go on endlessly, very friendly and with a trot that's smoother than most other horses' tölt.

Kiljan frá Lýsuhóli

Kiljan means riding any gait at any speed and always being on the right way.

Jarpur frá Lýsuhóli

Jarpur is a strong and reliable four-gaited horse and although he radiates calmness he can tölt very fast.

Sveppur frá Lýsuhóli

Sveppur is Drift's little brother. He doesn't only stick out because of his rare and beautiful colour. He is also very friendly, has smooth gaits and loves to go on and on.




Maístjarna frá Lýsuhóli

Maístjarna is our daughter Halla's mare. She is very beautiful (look at that mane...) and very gentle to all our riding guests.

Grímur frá Lýsuhóli

Grímur is a sweet and gentle horse who's trying to speed up his tölt a bit to take part in the longer tours



Ása frá Lýsuhóli

Ása is a kind and gentle horse with very smooth gaits. She's still working on a bit more speed in tölt - but her nice character is enough to make you fall in love with her.


Tígull means "diamond" and he is a little treasure. He's a big and beautiful horse and likes showing his best on wide beaches.



Draumur means dream and that's what he is. He may be a bit older, but he still likes to race past the younger ones in tölt. Out in the fields you can usually find him grazing next to Tígull.


Ýmir frá Lýsuhóli

One of our "stars": he can tölt and trot with wide movements at every speed.



Blesi likes going fast - red, round and racing...



Stalla-Jón was gelded very late and still is the darling of many of our mares who always stay close by his side. Especially when ridden in bigger groups he likes to show off.


Þytur frá Lýsuhóli

Þytur is Agnar's riding horse. He is very strong and fast in all gaits, like his father Tímon and his half brother Ýmir.


Fönn frá Lýsuhóli

Fönn is a very sensitive albino mare with very soft gates and a special charme.


To learn more about our horses, see our breeding mares and stallions as well.