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Welcome to Lýsuhóll Horse Farm in Iceland
Situated in Snæfellsbær, Lýsuhóll is a family-run horse farm including horseback riding tours, cottages and a restaurant.

All horseback riding tours are taking place at the stunning beach and lava fields of Snæfellsness. The offered long tours, which are riding up to 7 days along the beaches of Snæfellsness, include stay in the cottages and food at the restaurant.

The Cottages are cozy houses offering private facilities and in some cases kitchen facilities for up to four or nine persons per house and are perfect to get an inside into Icelands country side living. Low light pollution creates a high chance of seeing northern lights at Lýsuhóll.

The Lýsuhóll restaurant offers a unique, homely, icelandic dinner buffet (call for availability).



Private, modern and luxurious
Cozy Summer Cottages, Cabins and Bungalows
In a secluded spot near Snaefellsjokull, West Iceland, is a small village of Summer Cottages, Cabins and Bungalows. The luxurious cabins include modern interiors and fantastic views of the glacier Snæfellsjökull the mountains and the sea.


Friendly, sure-footed and patient
Ride The Extraordinary Icelandic Horse
Many people dream of discovering Iceland on horseback. Among our reliable horses you will surely find your favorite, no matter whether you are a total beginner or experienced rider. From guided short rides and whole day trips to long tours we offer you exactly the ride you are looking for.

Why Choose Lýsuhóll?

Discover the incredibly beautiful landscape - mountains, the sea, colorful sandy beaches, the glacier, rivers, lakes and lava flows - on foot, or on horseback.

Great Location

We are ideally located for exploring the mountains, the sea, sandy beaches, the glacier, rivers, lakes and lava flows.


Modern Comfort

We provide a stylish and modern living space where you can enjoy fantastic views of the glacier Snæfellsjökull the mountains and the sea.


Self-Catering and Private

We provide self-catering accommodation with exclusive privacy, peace and quiet.


Memorable Experiences

Enjoy the great Icelandic horse in it’s natural surroundings and get to know the Icelandic way of riding and handling horses!

Happy Testimonials

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