Explore the most beautiful spots of
the Snæfellsnes peninsula on horse

8 day tour, 6 days on horseback up to 6 hours per day

Beach ride in Snæfellsnes
Snæhestar and Lýsuhóll offer you a different riding tour in Iceland
This very special riding tour explores the most beautiful spots of the peninsula in a personal atmosphere. The participants are accommodated in homely summerhouses at the farm, so that they can relax in the nearby swimming pool and hot tub (with warm mineral water directly from the ground). You can also go trout-fishing in the farm’s own river after an exciting day in the saddle.
Iceland’s most beautiful horse riding area
As we mostly ride along the wide beaches of Iceland’s most beautiful horse riding area “Löngufjörur”, we have to plan the rides according to times of low tide. This means that there will be the occasional free morning or afternoon, which we can use for some sightseeing in the area. Depending on the weather and other circumstances, we can see rocks with nesting birds, gorges, caves or especially beautiful beaches or we can go on a trip with a fishing boat.
Riding tours in Iceland
Learn about the breeding and training of our horses
For those interested, we can give you insight into the breeding and training of our horses. You might also get the chance to see them roaming freely in the mountains and to study their natural behavior.
We’ll spend up to 6 hours a day on horseback, tölting or trotting most of the way. Therefore participants need to have a good basic riding experience.

“It was sooooo amazing today” 🙂
-Jenny Rieger

Experience the magical Snæfellsjökull glacier
Experience the amazingly beautiful landscape with mountains, sea, sandy beaches, lakes, lava fields and last but not least the magically fascinating glacier Snæfellsjökull as well as the close contact to the unique Icelandic horses and people make this riding tour a very special experience!

“Amazing! The staff was friendly! The horseback guides were awesome! So beautiful! Thank you!”
-Dana Harrop

Our 2024  Tours, Dates and Prices

  • Tour 1:  June 19 – June 26 – fully booked!

  • Tour 2:  July 3 – July 10 – only few spots left!

  • Tour 3:  July 19 – July 26 – only few spots left!

  • Tour 4:  July 31 – August 7 – fully booked!

  • Tour 5:  August 17 – August 24 – fully booked!


  • 2.400 € per person in a single room in the guesthouse.
  • 2.150 € per person in a double room in the guesthouse.

What’s included in this tour

  • 8 days tour, 6 days on horseback, up to 6 hours per day
  • max. 15 participants
  • Experienced english-speaking guide
  • 7 nights accommodation in single or double/twin rooms in our guesthouse. Blankets, covers and towels provided.
  • Full board: breakfast, packed lunch, warm evening meal (vegetarian meals are available)
  • Transfer from and to BSI in Reykjavík
  • Waterproof overcoats, helmets, saddles and bridles

Accommodation in Iceland


Day One

We pick you up in Reykjavík and take you to Lýsuhóll. During the evening meal we can get to know each other and talk about the details of the upcoming tour.

Day Two

We begin the tour with a ride along the mountains and over a lava field. If we are lucky, we can meet some of our horses which are roaming freely during the summer. On we go along the beach to Búðir. There we take a break at a little wooden church which lies beautifully in a landscape of golden sand and black lava. The way home takes us along the beach, passing a seal colony and crossing a few small rivers.

“Amazing! The staff was friendly! The horseback guides were awesome! So beautiful! Thank you!”
-Dana Harrop

Day Three

This day’s ride leads us past beautiful little lakes, through a river and on broad golden beaches to the farm Stakkhamar. Our horses will spend the night there while we drive back to Lýsuhóll.

Day Four

We keep on exploring the wide beaches of Löngufjörur, which is a lot of fun for both horses and riders. Our destination is Skógarnes where the horses will find another nice place for the night.

Day Five

We enjoy another day in an area you can only access by boat or – when the tide is low – on horseback. The scenery is ever changing and fascinating. The horses spend the night at a farm called Stóra-Hraun with hundreds of rabbits for company.

Day Six

We turn to the West to start our way back home. While we took the scenic routes to reach all the most beautiful spots, we take the direct way now. The glacier Snæfellsjökull always in plain view, we ride back to Stakkhamar.

Day Seven

The time has come to say goodbye to the horses, but only after another day of enjoying their special characters and gaits. The route takes us to the golden beaches and back home along the lakes and mountains. At home Jóhanna will have a special Icelandic evening feast for you and we will spend the last evening sitting and chatting about all the exciting things that happened during the tour.

“Amazing horses, amazing people, amazing week- not to forget Johannas cooking skills! Thank you all so much” ♡
-Viktoria Krabbe

Day Eight

After breakfast we take you back to Reykjavík. If you are planning a longer stay in Iceland, we can arrange further accommodation for you.

Bless og sjáumst!

What to bring, how to get here and required riding ability

What to bring

Summer in Iceland means very changeable weather with temperatures ranging from 5°C to 25°C. You should bring warm wind- and waterproof clothing as well as lighter clothes for warmer days. Warm underwear, gloves, a scarf and of course your riding trousers are as important as a bathing suit and sun glasses! As we cross rivers and ride along the sea, rubber (riding) boots are recommended.


Riding gear

We provide rain gear and helmets free of charge. Please note that used riding gear and boots/shoes have to be disinfected prior to arrival in Iceland. Due to the isolation on this island our horses are not immune to many imported diseases. Used leather equipment like boots, bridles, saddles etc. may not be brought into the country. Please help us to protect our horses!


Riding ability

We spend up to 6 hours on horseback per day, riding over various kinds of landscapes, crossing rivers and rocks. We recommend that participants have a solid riding experience and are in good health. Our horses are very reliable and have an especially good character. They are very friendly, enduring and willing to please. They will make this tour a very special Icelandic experience for you!


How to get to Iceland

Flights to Iceland can be booked at every travel agency. We’ll pick you up in Reykjavík. If you plan a longer stay in Iceland we can also arrange further accommodation for you. We strongly recommend participants to have medical and travel insurance.